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People don't fear monsters on Halloween.

They fear running out of pizza.

Everything you need to handle, bake, cut, serve & deliver your pies

Pizza Cutting

These simple tools are essential to slicing your pies. The type you need depends primarily on the size of your operation.

Pizza cutter wheels are the most well-known method for slicing pizza.

  • Wheel diameter. If you are making deep dish or stuffed pizza, you will want to make sure the wheel will penetrate the pizza.
  • Handle material. The handles can be made of metal, wood or plastic and the type you want is really a matter of preference.
  • Finger guard. This is a small metal plate between the blade and fingers that protect the fingers from the hot toppings as well as the sharp blade.

The fastest method for cutting a pizza is a rocker- or straight-blade knife. Rocker knives look like a half-moon and have handles.

Pizza Stones

Traditional pizza baking methods call for a wood-fired oven, but many restaurants do not have the time or resources to manage and operate a wood-burning oven. As an alternative, both pizza shops and home chefs can make authentic quality pies using a pizza stone.

Pizza stones are made from terracotta, which is unglazed ceramic made from natural clay. These stones are durable, retain heat well and will eventually absorb some of the pizza flavoring, giving each pie a taste unique to your kitchen!

Though the clay is more resilient than other ceramics, you have to take care when using a stone to make pizza. For example, you must preheat the pizza stone inside the oven as placing a cold pizza stone in a hot oven can cause it to crack.

Pizza Peels & Paddles

Pizza peels, also known as pizza paddles, are the backbone of any fine pizza establishment. To the untrained eye, they may only look like a flat shovel on a long handle, but chefs know that these instruments are the secret to baking great pizzas.

Consider whether you want a wooden pizza peel, which is more traditional, or a metal pizza peel, which tend to be lighter and more flexible, making them easier to handle.

When it comes to shape, some people prefer working with a round pizza peel, while others like the flat-shovel shape of a rectangular pizza peel. The choice is up to you.

Pizza Trays, Disks & Pans


Pizza serving trays provide a more decorative, old world feel to your pizza presentation. The trays are not designed to cook pizza, but they can be used to warm the pizza back up, if the oven isn’t too hot.


Utilizing a pizza disk means quicker cooking time. Most pizza disks are made from the same materials as pizza pans, meaning you get a durable tool to help you diversify the way your pizzas taste and cook.


Your service style will dictate which type of pizza pan you need. When selecting different sizes, be sure to get pans form the same manufacturer to reduce differences in thickness and process that may affect cook times.